This calendar is part of an ongoing project by Yankwik Mexikayotl to introduce traditional Mesoamerican time keeping to the general public. This website provides an in-depth look at the calendar system, the monthly ceremonies, and the methods used to arrive at our correlation. The central Mexican calendar is a living system for tracking the movement of the sun. We hope that by equipping individuals with the tools needed to not just use, but also actually understand this calendar, we help ensure its survival for generations to come. The count presented in this calendar is based on research provided by Ruben Ochoa.

“And the throwing of incense was done in this manner: when any kind of speech was to be made, perhaps a sentence to be passed, they first threw incense in the fire. Before a person spoke, there, in a bowl, was the Kopal. Or when a singer was to sing, when he was about to begin, first he threw the Kopal into a brazier. Then the singer began”

Primeros Memoriales

Offering Kopal

“And when the baby had arrived on earth, then the midwife shouted; she gave war cries, which meant that the little woman had fought a good battle, had become a brave warrior, had taken a captive, had captured a baby”

– Florentine Codex Book 6

The Midwives greeting a newborn