“And the throwing of incense was done in this manner: when any kind of speech was to be made, perhaps a sentence to be passed, they first threw incense in the fire. Before a person spoke, there, in a bowl, was the Kopal. Or when a singer was to sing, when he was about to begin, first he threw the Kopal into a brazier. Then the singer began”

Primeros Memoriales

Offering Kopal

“The wise man is exemplary, he possesses writing; he owns books. He is the tradition, the road; a leader of men, a rower, a companion, a bearer of responsibility, a guide” 

Florentine Codex Book 10

Tlamatini – The Wise Man

“And when the baby had arrived on earth, then the midwife shouted; she gave war cries, which meant that the little woman had fought a good battle, had become a brave warrior, had taken a captive, had captured a baby”

– Florentine Codex Book 6

The Midwives greeting a newborn